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A Ubisoft Avatar Game Is In Development, No Real Details On It Yet

Just today, a Ubisoft Avatar game based off of James Cameron’s blockbuster smash hit was announced, though so far details are sketchy. All we know for now is that the game’s official title, what type of game it is, and release window, will be announced at a later date.

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James Cameron’s Avatar movie told the story of the conflict between human miners and the native inhabitants of the forest moon of Pandora, whose homes and sacred sites were on top of large deposits of a valuable fuel source.

The title came from the movie’s Avatar project, where human scientists were neurally linked with genetically grown bodies of the native species and sent to learn their ways.

The Ubisoft Avatar game probably isn’t a licensed title, considering that the movie came out eight years ago in 2009. An actual licensed game that served as a prequel to the movie was released after the movie came out. Unsurprisingly, it got mixed reviews like many licensed video games.

Ubisoft’s studio Massive Entertainment, the same studio behind The Division, will be working on the game. If fans are skeptical about their ability to develop this and continue working on The Division, they have nothing to worry about.

Massive has already said the game’s development won’t impact their current work.

The Ubisoft Avatar game is going to be for both consoles and PC, but what it’s actually going to be about remains a mystery.

The original movie ended with a number of the humans permanently transferring their consciousnesses into the bodies of their Avatars.

However, what sort of story the game might focus on hasn’t been revealed.

We’ll likely learn more about it when the game gets more information out at a later date. However, with the movie’s sequel already being worked on, hopefully it’ll be good.