The Division Update 1.6 Releases on Xbox One, Playstation 4, PC

The Division update 1.6 has been released today on the Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC, making adjustments to the game for the game’s Last Stand DLC. The DLC itself adds in a variety of new mechanics and game modes to the base game, including a new game mode and more.

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The game mode is the titular Last Stand mode, where players are inserted into a Dark Zone area to retrieve sensitive data that was left behind by the Joint Task Force.

There, players will have to pick one of three locations on four Dark Zone maps, and hold them until the data can be extracted. The mode is an eight-player Player vs Player mode.

A new Incursion has also been added in The Division update 1.6, called Stolen Signal. In it, players must storm a radio station that’s under the control of the Rikers gang.

The Rikers gang is one of the main factions of troublemakers that have taken over the city, and are escaped prisoners from Rikers Island Prison.

In the station, players will travel to each of three wings, which give them unique challenges.

Along with all of the new DLC content, the update will be expanding the size of the Dark Zone, adding in leaderboards for it, and implementing special “Contamination” events.

In these, players must go into disease-ridden areas and fight powerful Cleaners enemies while their health steadily drops.

Also included is the addition of a Legendary difficulty setting, where a number of extremely hard missions will pit players against the Last Man Battalion faction. The missions also only have one checkpoint halfway through, so be on your toes.

To see all of the gameplay changes that have come with The Division update 1.6, you can look the patch notes up on the official The Division website, right here at this link.