Street Fighter V Servers Are Acting Weird Since Morning

The online infrastructure of Street Fighter V is notorious for its unreliable and underwhelming experience, an aspect that continues to elude Capcom.

As it is, the game’s servers are incredibly moody. However, the situation has taken a turn for the worse today, with a large amount of players facing frustrating connection issues.

Multiple threads on Reddit have been filling up with anger and disappointment since morning. The common complaint is that players are disconnecting at the start of every match, and are faced with either “Error 40002” or “Error 80001”. While those lucky enough to find an opponent, get dropped right before the versus screen.

In addition, players are also reporting that the loading times have almost doubled since the last patch. It only makes it all the more frustrating to wait out longer before knowing that the game has disconnected.

It is advised that players restrict themselves from playing ranked games. As one player shared with the community, he lost 1,000 ranked points after being disconnected in almost seven games in a row, before the match even began. After restarting his console, he realized that his rank had dropped from 12,450 to 11,521.

The connection issues being reported for Street Fighter V appear to be across all three platforms. It should be noted that when Capcom updated the game last September to add Urien, players were facing similar disconnections with the same error messages.

Unfortunately, the social media channels of Capcom have remained silent on the matter so far. It is possible that the support team is currently looking into the issue, and that we will receive an update later tonight. That being said, it is always appreciated if a developer keeps its community in the loop during such times.

In January, Capcom promised a major update for spring that will improve the Capcom Fighters Network (CFN) and address such connection issues. Hopefully, the developer will deliver on that promise.