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What is the Point of Titan X Graphics Cards? GTX 1080 Ti Kills It

The Titan X line of graphics cards are a symbol of power and performance. Titan X and Titan XP are two of the most of powerful graphics cards in the world today. They are most expensive consumer gaming cards as well.

Having a Titan X means you have rights to owning the top notch card available anywhere. However, the feeling of superiority and power doesn’t last too long.

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The original Titan X released with a price tag of over $1000 if I remember correctly. It was something that leaves you in awe, drooling, salivating, and itching to get your hands on it.

Having the Titan X under the hood means something to the enthusiasts who spend over $1000. However, Nvidia has no clue how to handle top-level enthusiast customer. The original Titan X was killed by Nvidia itself when it released the GTX 980 Ti.

Having that card outperform Titan X, even marginally, was a shot in the nuts. No graphics card should ever come close to a $1000 chip, let alone outperform it at a cheaper price.

The community did let Nvidia know of its discomfort and annoyance over the matter but it looks like nothing got through to the thick heads of the company executives.

Nvidia just officially unveiled the GTX 1080 Ti for $699 and guess what? It is faster than Titan XP at half the price. It is Deja Vu. As a consumer and someone willing spend $1200 on Titan XP, I want Nvidia to let me know why I should not save $500 and buy an even better card, the GTX 1080 Ti for $699?

Nvidia GTX 1080 Ti Specifications:

  • 12 Billion Transistors
  • 1.6 GHz Boost, 2 GHz OC capable clock speeds
  • 28 SMs, 128 CUDA Cores each
  • 3,584 CUDA Cores
  • 28 Geometry Units
  • 224 Texture Units
  • 6 GPCs
  • 88 ROP Units
  • 352-bit GDDR5x Micron Memory
  • 220W TDP
  • 11 GB Frame Buffer

It is a toned down Titan X which is still faster. Of course, benchmarks are yet to arrive so we would have to see just how big the difference in performance is. Similar to 980 Ti and the original Titan X, it should be marginal.

Why do you think we need Titan X and where does Nvidia wants it to be placed? Let us know what you think in the comment below.