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Blizzard Releases Overwatch Custom Game Browser for All Platforms

Blizzard has just made many an Overwatch fan’s day now that they released the Overwatch custom game browser.

The browser, which was released today on all platforms, will allow players to make their own custom games with their own rules, allowing you to put up the settings you want on everything.

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This means that you can pump up damage, health, movement speed, and more to anywhere from 100 to 500 percent, if you want to have bullet sponge enemies and teammates. You can also choose the map you want to play on, what heroes you want to be usable, and more.

With those options, you can do things like put in twelve McCrees or twelve Mercies, or any other combination of heroes you want. The browser can also be used either to challenge specific players, or for you to put it up online for anyone to play.

Anything goes with the Overwatch custom game browser, and no matter what platform you play it on you can make all sorts of insane game modes.

Even if you’re not feeling creative, the browser also comes with a number of pre-set rules that Blizzard had originally placed in the game’s weekly brawl.

Originally, the Overwatch custom game browser was only available in the game’s Public Test Realm on the PC version, but now that it’s been fine-tuned it’s been put on the main game.

While the browser may end up flooded with a whole bunch of gimmick game types like everything that includes user-generated content, hopefully there can be a number of diamonds in the rough.

Since the update is out on all of the platforms right now, you can go and get on the Overwatch custom game browser right now and make your own game types. Who knows what Blizzard might want to do with some of them in the future?