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EA Announces The Rest of Its Battlefield 1 DLC, Promises New Content

EA has announced its plans for the rest of its Battlefield 1 DLC, and there’s a lot of content that will be coming up. The various DLCs were revealed on the official Battlefield 1 website, including their titles and the content that each one will bring to the game.

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After “They Shall Not Pass,” the upcoming pack that adds the French Army and a variety of new maps that take place across the Western Front, we have “In the Name of the Tsar.”

This next pack will add in the Imperial Russian Army, another major belligerent in the war before the Bolshevik uprising led to its collapse.

That pack will feature a number of snowy maps for players to fight in.

Next we have “Turning Tides,” which will introduce naval and amphibious warfare to the game and take you to maps like Gallipoli, the Zeebrugge Raid, and more. Finally, there’s “Apocalypse.” There’s no real information on this beyond that it will take players into the war’s most brutal battles.

With the Battle of Verdun being covered in They Shall Not Pass, we can likely expect other battles like the controversial Nivelle Offensive, the Battle of the Somme, and the Hundred Days Offensive to be shown.

All of this new Battlefield 1 DLC also includes new maps, operations, and game modes, new elite classes, new weapons, and much, much more.

EA is even offering, if you sign up for its premium pass, to give you a two-week early access experience for each DLC and all of their content. You’ll also be able to upgrade your copy of the game to the Deluxe Edition.

While there’s no telling when all of the Battlefield 1 DLC after “They Shall Not Pass” will be coming out, hopefully all of the content that’s promised in them will keep Battlefield 1 going for a good, long while.