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New Mass Effect Andromeda Gameplay Shows Off Loyalty Mission

A new video of Mass Effect Andromeda gameplay has been released by BioWare, showing off one of the loyalty missions that we’ll be playing through in the game.

The mission focuses around your asari character PeeBee, as she, Ryder, and Drack go down to a planet to investigate a signal.

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However, like most missions in the Mass Effect games, it isn’t that simple.

Another asari that Peebee seems to have a history with has tagged along, and your team has to get to the signal before she does. Along the way, Ryder and her team have to make their way through numerous robotic enemies and obstacles.

The Mass Effect Andromeda gameplay that we’re shown gives us a good indication of the sorts of gameplay we can expect. Ryder has the ability not only to swap between weapons, but also classes on the fly in order to adjust to changing situations.

So, if you’re up against a tough, heavily-armored enemy, you can switch from something like Adept, to an Engineer to break down their armor with Incinerate or Overload.

Ryder also gets to show off the thruster pack that’s part of their gear, which allows them to quickly move out of a dangerous situation.

It can also be used out of combat in order to get up cliffs, which is vital due to the uneven geography and lava pits on the planet you’re on.

Mass Effect Andromeda still has around three weeks before it comes out, so you may still have to be wary of spoilers. However, considering this is the first Mass Effect game in five years, a lot of Mass Effect fans likely will want to see all the gameplay possible.

The Mass Effect Andromeda gameplay video can be seen further up the article. The game itself comes out on Playstation 4, Xbox One, and PC on March 21.