Horizon Zero Dawn Hunting Grounds Guide

Horizon Zero Dawn Hunting Grounds Guide to help you complete all the Hunting Ground Trials and earn Blazing Sun Marks.

There are basically 5 Hunting Grounds in the game. The Hunting Ground Trials are of different types and aren’t easy. You’re basically ranked by the time you complete them – the faster, the better.

If you manage to complete everything that the Hunting Grounds offer, you’ll unlock the following Trophies:

  • All Sons at all Grounds
  • All Suns at one Ground
  • Blazing Sons at all Grounds
  • All Blazing Suns at one Ground

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Horizon Zero Dawn Hunting Grounds

Moreover, if you hand over all your marks to the Weapons Dealer inside the lodge, you’ll receive three ultimate gold-plated weapons in return. A pretty good trade if you ask me.

In our Hunting Grounds Guide, we’ve detailed everything you need to learn about completing all the Hunting Ground Trials and earning Blazing Sun Marks.

Nora Hunting Grounds

This should be the first Hunting Ground that you find. The trials include removing canisters from Grazers, killing them with logs, and using Blast Wires. Since a trial can be repeated, continue to do so until you get the ideal enemy placement.

For destroying the canisters, we’ve found Tearblast Arrows coupled with a Sharpshooter Bow to work incredibly well. You should also try and make sure that you don’t get spotted.

If you hit one’s canisters too many times, it will run off and the herd will follow. For the logs trial, you need to use the longpile traps scattered on the ground in order to kill three machines.

Shoot and kill a Grazer or throw an explosive to one side of them to scare the herd and have it run off towards the trap. As they pass the trap, shoot it to release the logs and kill any machines that run below it.

Don’t shy away from using multiple tools in your inventory to force the herd into your trap and shoot it to active it. For the final trial, the Carja Tripcaster is your best bet.

Purchase a Carja Tripcaster and you’ll have the ability to create explosive rope traps which will detonate when a machine runs through it and this will eliminate the Grazers.


In this trial, you need active usage of elemental damage types i.e. Shock, Freeze, Burn, and Tear. You should also try and avoid hitting Bellowbacks and stick to the Striders. You should try to search the area instead of wasting time on Bellowbacks.

When it comes to destroying canisters, make sure to stick with Fire Arrows. Shoot the Blaze canisters mounted on the back of four different Striders within the time limit provided.

For the Shock Trial, try to have arrows with decent Tear elemental damage and Tripcaster.

Find and attack a Bellowback with 3-4 Shock Arrows to stun it temporarily. Then use regular arrows to shoot at the piece of armor on his stomach to reveal the Canisters.

Finally, for the Freeze Trial, you need to rely on Frost Grenades and keep your eyes peeled for Striders. Killing five Striders whilst avoiding the Freeze/Fire Bellowback is the key to completing this trial quickly.

Spurflints Hunting Grounds

Lucky for you, these are some of the easiest trials in the game that primarily rely on stealth and mobility.

For the Watch-Out Trail, you need to focus on killing the Watchers as silently as possible. The presence of both Shell-Walkers and Stalkers who you’ll need to avoid whilst going for the Watchers. If you don’t already know, always aim for the eyes.

Other trials simply include killing Stalkers and looting Shell-Walker crates – as easy as it can get!

Find and kill two Stalkers within the allotted time to complete this trial. Roll past a few mines to trigger them and the Stalker should show up to investigate. Attack it with electrical attacks to knock it out.

Sleight of Crate Trial requires us to find and loot four Shell-Walker crates in the time permitted

Greatrun Hunting Grounds

These are some hard trials which demand careful map movement. While you’re fighting the Glinthawks, try to maintain a high ground.

The Ropecaster works really well for the Tramplers and Glinthawks. Finally, the Pace Trial requires you to race the Glinthawks to Watcher bodies.

In the Parts Wrangling Trial, use a Ropecaster to shoot a Trampler 3-4 times until it falls over. Do this for two Tramplers and the trial will be completed.

In the Pace Trial, run to the three mesas with Watcher corpses atop them in order. Attack Glinthawk so it drops the corpse and you can loot it.

Lastly, in the Tie Down Trial, attack a Glinthawk so that it moves into range of our Ropecaster and then shoot it 2-3 times so that the ropes pull it to the ground. Perform critical strikes to complete the trial

Sun Furrows

These trials basically revolve around overrides and enemy weapons. I highly recommend leaving this trial for the last and only take it after you’re successfully able to override Ravagers by completing all the Cauldron Dungeons. You can refer to our Cauldron Dungeons Completion Guide attached above for more information.

In the Ravager vs. Machines Trial, hit a Ravager’s mounted gun with one of the Tearblast arrow which will knock it off, allowing you to pick up the Ravager Cannon. Shoot the Watchers with the remaining Ravager Cannon ammo until it dies which will complete the trial.

In the Thunderjaw vs. Ravager Trial, overriding the Thunderjaw will have it kill the Ravagers usually within the time required for the gold medal.

In the Ravager Control Trial, have both Ravagers under your control, and knock off the Thunderjaw’s two Disc Launchers

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