Hearthstone Patch 7.1 Adds New “Poisonous” Keyword

Blizzard has released Patch 7.1 as promised, bringing key balance changes to refresh the hearthstone meta and several adjustments for ranked play.

Beginning preparations for the Year of the Mammoth celebration later this month, a new keyword has been added for cards that destroy minions upon inflicting damage. Pit Snake, Patient Assassin, Emperor Cobra, and Maexxna have been updated as “Poisonous” cards.

As revealed a couple of weeks back, the health of Small-Time Buccaneer has been reduced to one while the mana cost of Spirit Claws has been increased to two. Blizzard believes that the changes will slow down aggressive Shamans and reduce the power-spike that the class previously enjoyed.

To reduce the amount of anxiety faced while climbing the ranked ladder, new Ranked Floors have been introduced to ensure that players no longer drop past specific ranks within a prescribed season.

The Arena will now offer more Rare, Epic, and Legendary cards during deck-building. In addition, Spells will also show up with a higher frequency. On the other hand, Classic and Basic cards will appear less often.

Improvements have been made to the matchmaking system for new players. Though, the patch notes refrain from going into any further details.

The process of creating an account to play Hearthstone on mobile is being bettered. “This [Patch 7.1] will minimize the overhead associated with creating a new Battle.net account, and will be available in limited release,” confirmed Blizzard.

For the month of March, the card back reward for playing ranked games will be Year of the Kraken.

You can go through the entire patch notes here, which include plenty of bug-fixes as well.

Earlier today, a community member dug through the patch files to unearth details about the upcoming Daily Login rewards. They will last for only one week, two at the most, and will feature Gold, Arcade Dust, and card packs from previous and new expansion packs.

Yesterday, Blizzard announced Journey to Un’Goro as the next expansion pack for the free-to-play card game. It is themed around the primal beings and elemental powers that reside within the infamous Warcraft crater. This means that there will be dinosaurs, and a bunch of new features that promise to change the way Hearthstone is played.