Find Out How Nintendo Switch Was Made in This Video

Nintendo hasn’t talked so much about the creation of Nintendo Switch ever since its announcement. Until yesterday, we could only imagine how the company has managed to create such a good console in terms of technology, but we can now find out how the Switch was born thanks to a video by IGN.

After Wii U’s failure, Nintendo was having a meeting with its engineers to talk about the possibility of a new and better console. Some people already had a solid background in making handheld consoles, while others were better in making home devices. Nintendo decided then to assemble a new team working on a hybrid console that could fit the life style of their costumers.

One of the most important things for the company was Switch should have had two controllers at launch, in order to provide both multiplayer and singleplayer sessions.

Nintendo was also focused on what features to add to a home console that could be taken anywhere. The Joy-Cons had to be both light and technologically advanced, and in the end the team decided to include the HD rumble. It is not only vibration. From the POV of Nintendo, this is feature is something similar to virtualy reality.

The team has ran in several trials and errors to find the right way to include the HD rumble, but the result was brilliant. The Joy-Cons really manage to communicate, by using, the value of their hardware, thanks to software made to entertain and satisfy the user.

There are two versions of Nintendo Switch: the grey one and the one with blue and red Joy-Cons. This is a sharp contrast, but it’s not random.

The first version gears towards the core gamers, who want an elegant device. The red and blue version, instead, was made for the casual gamers and it’s a tribute to the past (Nintendo’s old devices were very colorful).

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Nintendo Switch will launch worldwide on March 3rd, 2017.