Some Nintendo Switch Games Will Not Support Console’s TV Mode

Some Nintendo Switch games aren’t going to be supporting the console’s TV mode, instead likely sticking to the tablet area of the console’s gameplay. Most games are apparently going to be able to be played either with the Switch’s TV mode or with its gamepad, but some games apparently want to be more specialized.

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The game in question is called Voez, a native Japanese Switch title that is apparently being ported from iOS and Android. Voez is a lane-based rhythm game, and since it needs the touch-screen to play, you can’t play it on the TV.

This is in contrast to most of the other Switch games, who all are able to be played on either form.

Some Nintendo Switch games only supporting the console’s tablet mode will likely open the way for more iOS and Android games to be put on the Switch. These, in turn, will add to the console’s much-advertised third party library, which can help pad out the amount of games available.

This can be especially valuable with the small number of games that will be available on release.

Most console-ported mobile games are normally terrible, but a few are actually surprisingly solid, and hopefully Voez will actually get a fairly positive reception when the Nintendo Switch releases.

It’s already gotten fairly good rankings on the Apple Store and Google Play, so hopefully it’ll get a similarly good reception on the Switch.

Voez will likely only be the first of some Nintendo Switch games that won’t be using the console’s TV function. Hopefully when the console is fully released, Nintendo will put up some form of quality control. If they do, it could help the Switch to avoid a rash of terrible mobile games. Voez will be coming to the Nintendo Switch when it releases, on March 3 (this Friday).