Rumor: Pikmin World May Have Just Leaked For The Nintendo Switch By Dutch Retailer

It seems that a Dutch site has posted the release of Pikmin World for Nintendo Switch but there is no way of knowing whether or not this is legit.

Do take this with a grain of salt as we do not know whether other retailers are also getting these copies and if this is not some kind of mistake to start with.

It is very hard to determine whether this is, in fact, a legit posting or just some random post that has made its way onto the site. The interesting thing to note here is that there is no description for Pikmin World that will be coming out for the Nintendo Switch and the title seems to be very specific.

Pikmin World

The following is mentioned about the deliver information, though:

  • March 24, 2017, is expected!
  • Delivered by PostNL
  • The standard delivery for this article amount to € 2.99.
  • Choose yourself for home delivery at a different address or an Intertoys store. By delivering an Intertoys store delivery is free.

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Pikmin World is also a name used in a rumor that was popular last year as well so it is possible that this is not a legit leak. A Pikmin game will be coming out for the Nintendo Switch but I doubt that it will be called Pikmin World and that it will be coming out so soon.

Fans have been waiting for a new Pikmin game for some time now and a popular wish is that the new Pikmin game has open world features. This would be interesting if this rumor came to be true. We will look into this leak and let you know how the story pans out in the upcoming days.

Let us know what you think about this Pikmin World leak and whether or not you would be interested in getting this game for the Nintendo Switch if it came out by any chance.