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In-Game Voice Chat Feature Not Priority for League of Legends

Being able to talk to your team members is a fundamental requirement for any competitive online video game. In its present form, League of Legends only has a traditional chat-box to cater the needs of communication. However, is there a chance that Riot Games will release an in-game voice chat feature?

According to design director Riot Ghostcrawler, it is possible but will probably be integrated into the game far in the future. He noted that a native voice communication aspect has never been prioritized for League of Legends. This is because players who care about talking with their team mates are already using third-party software.

The web is filled with various voice chatting programs, which are mostly free. Some of the most popular ones include Discord, Curse Voice, TeamSpeak, Skype, Mumble, and Razer Comms. It is impossible to find an online player these days who is not using one of these programs to converse with his team mates while playing.

Hence, if Riot Games decides to bring in the feature as a first-party solution, it needs to be far superior than what others currently offer. Players need to be convinced to use the native voice solution. Otherwise, the work put in by the developer will not yield desirable results.

“That’s not an excuse to never add voice,” he said on his blog. “It just means when you’re prioritizing features, it feels like it takes us from say a 3 to a 6 out of 10 rather than from a 0 to a 6 out of 10.”

The real hurdle here is that Riot Games is probably interested in innovating the element of in-game voice chatting. At the end of the day, players just care about talking with their team members. Just how can someone improve on that simplistic aspect?

Blizzard already has a native voice application for its client,, and that works splendidly. Similarly, Electronic Arts introduced the feature for its online platform, Origin, some time ago as well.

In the past, Riot Games expressed concerns about how an in-game voice chatting feature would eventually increase the levels of toxicity in League of Legends.