Hearthstone: Journey to Un’Goro Features Powerful New Quest Cards

The next Hearthstone expansion is called Journey to Un’Goro, themed around the massive Warcraft crater and the primal beings residing within.

Journey to Un’Goro promises more than just a new array of cards. It brings two significant features that will change the way Hearthstone is being played right now. The community has recently been debating on the game’s stale meta. They can rejoice, for the month April will finally address their concerns.

Journey to Un’Goro will add a new gameplay mechanic to Hearthstone called Adapt, allowing players to choose from one of three options to modify a card before placing it on the board. Consider it as an improved version of the Discover gameplay mechanic.

The new expansion will release with a total of ten different Adaptations, and it is possible that Blizzard may add new ones later on. Some of these random attributes include Charge, Taunt, Divine Shield, Windfury, Deathrattles, attack damage and other buffs.

The second new mechanic being added to the game is Quests. Only one of these Legendary cards can be added to a deck, and will always appear in the opening hand with a one-mana cost. Once played, the player will need to fulfill certain conditions to complete the quest. Doing so will summon an extremely powerful card with great rewards.

For example, “Awaken the Makers” requires a player to summon seven minions with Deathrattles. The reward for doing so is “Amara, Warden of Hope,” who sets your hero’s health to 40 and boasts 8-8 for just five mana.

Hearthstone is also receiving a new tribe called Elementals. These primordials of earth, wind, fire, and water have new effects and ways that they will interact. Several previous cards that were themed around Elementals but were not regarded so will be updated to be included in the new tribe.

Hearthstone: Journey to Un’Goro will release in early April and feature 135 new cards in total. Pre-orders have begun and interested individuals can pay $49.99 to attain 50 Journey to Un’Goro card packs.

Blizzard will not be revealing any more cards until March 17. During this time, the developer will be explaining how the expansion will usher the game into a new direction.