Efi Oladele Teases New Invention, Overwatch Files Tease Greek Titan

Blizzard has dropped another breadcrumb for us to follow, leading to the official announcement of the next Overwatch hero.

Efi Oladele is apparently getting ready to work on a new invention that requires the 11-year-old genius to gather the following components: OR-15 chassis, Brandford arm, fusion driver, miniature Tolbelstein reactor, paint, and Lucio-Oh’s.

OR-15 robots are stationed throughout Numbani to protect its citizens. However, a recent attack at the Numbani International Airport saw an unidentified assailant tear through each one of the robotic guardians. No idea what or who Brandford is but his arm holds some worth for the little inventor. The Toblestein reactor is what powers Zarya’s graviton weapon, while Lucio-Oh’s are a cereal in the game’s lore.

Combining the ingredients leads us nowhere. The only thing that can be safely assumed is that Efi Oladele is building some kind of a robot. According to fan-crafted theories, the recent receiver of the genius grant from Numbani’s Adawe Foundation is possibly creating a weapon to defeat Doomfist.

Previously, Blizzard teased that the next Overwatch hero is not what the community thinks it is. Considering that all talk has been about Doomfist, many wondered if someone new is being added to the roster beforehand. However, that followed by someone attacking the Numbani payload and stealing Doomfist’s gauntlet. So we are back on track.

Elsewhere, a community member discovered a few interesting elements in the game’s latest patch files. There is a reference to an “Armadillo” as well as the testing of “Prometheus”.

In Greek mythology, Prometheus was a Titan who stole fire from Mount Olympus to give to the mortals below. He was punished by Zeus for doing so.

A couple of weeks back, there were rumors about a Greek-themed Overwatch hero and actor Alex Malaos voicing him.

Are we looking at two multiple Overwatch heroes here or do the hints point towards a single name?