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The Division Demo Coming To PC, Playstation 4, Xbox One

A The Division demo is going to be coming to PC, Playstation 4, and Xbox One starting tomorrow, allowing players that are interested in the now nearly year-old game to try out the first few missions and see if they like running around a post-pandemic Manhattan as part of a secret government organization.

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Originally, The Division came out to fairly mixed reviews, with many people criticizing the bugs, cheating, and lack of content in the game (sort of like Destiny).

However, now the game has been pulling in record numbers of players, meaning that now may be the best time for a The Division demo to come out.

The Division takes place in the aftermath of a devastating epidemic that was unleashed on America during Black Friday.

Players take on the role of a special operations unit (the titular Division), tasked with restoring order to Manhattan from the variety of criminals, troublemakers, and straight-up maniacs that have taken over parts of the city.

The Division demo allows players access to all of the game’s content, though you’ll only be able to play until you either reach Level 8 or you accumulate six hours of playtime.

On the upside, if it turns out you like the game, all of your progress will carry over when you buy the full game. The game also includes a pretty good amount of DLC for you to buy once you get bored with the vanilla game’s content.

If you do end up wanting to play The Division demo, it’ll be available on the PC and Xbox tomorrow, and if you’re on the Playstation 4 and want to play it, you’ll have to wait until March 9, when the demo comes to that console.

In the meantime, if you’ve been wanting to try out The Division for yourself, you can try out the demo sometime this week or next week, depending on console.