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Ark Survival Evolved PC Update Adds New Creatures, More Customization

A new Ark Survival Evolved PC update has added in new creatures and more customization options for that version of the game.

The version in question is V255, and adds new dinosaurs, new mechanics, new customization options, and a great deal more such as weapon rebalancing and new play options.

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To start with, the update gives PC players four new dinosaurs and creatures: the Electophorus, the Microraptor, the Ammonite, and the Thylacoleo. All of these dinosaurs will now be visible in the game, and will also likely be able to train and tame so that you can ride them around in the game to take into battle or just to get around better.

A number of explosive weapons have also been improved with the latest Ark Survival Evolved PC update, mainly in the form of the rocket launcher and C4. C4 will now do 70% more damage to structures than rockets do, and rocket launchers can no longer have item statistics.

If you have rocket turrets around your base, they will now lose a small amount of health every time you shoot them, and when they get to the point that they’re under 5% HP, they won’t be able to fire any more.

Players will now also see that they can put in a limit to how many dinosaurs each tribe can tame. Each one can be limited to 500 dinosaurs per tribe in Player vs Environment multiplayer games, should you set the number that high. Once you get the number, you won’t be able to tame any more.

Though 500 can seem a bit drastic for a game like this, some players may want to have extremely long multiplayer games where they can tame a lot of dinosaurs.

The rest of the patch notes for the Ark Survival Evolved PC update can be found here on the Steam Community page for the game.