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AMD Ryzen Chip CPU-Z Benchmark Shows It Has An Upper Hand Over The Intel 6950X

AMD Ryzen will be coming out soon the chips have already hit the best selling CPU listings on Amazon. It seems that the hype around these CPUs has paid off and we have some new AMD Ryen benchmarks that show that the AMD Ryzen chip has an edge over the top of the line Intel 6950X

The 6950X is a very expensive extreme series chip from Intel and the pricing for this chip is way more than the AMD Ryzen 7 1800X.

Although the benchmark does not give us the exact name of the Ryzen chip in question here looking at the performance it is safe to say that it is the AMD Ryzen 7 1800X.

You can check out the CPU-Z benchmark below and see for yourself.

AMD Ryzen

Looking at these numbers and from what we have seen at the demos I see no reason why someone would want to pay more for less performance. AMD has the benefit of more cores now and the pricing is highly competitive especially if you consider the 1800X.

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The GDC event is in a few hours and we will be able to learn more about Ryzen and Vega at the event.

I expect to see something related to the upcoming GPUs at the event and it will be interesting to see what more AMD has to offer against Nvidia now that the company has got Intel on the toes.

AMD has shown that the company is not to be taken lightly and they the company means serious business. Vega GPUs are the next big thing from AMD, we also expect the Ryzen 5 CPU to be announced in the upcoming weeks.

Let us know what you think about AMD Ryzen and whether or not you would consider building an all AMD PC in 2017. It could be worth it.