Titanfall 2 DLC Plans Leaked, Includes New Maps, Game Modes, Weapons And More

Respawn Entertainment has been rolling out new content for Titanfall 2 since launch and it seems that the devs have plans to add more as future Titanfall 2 DLC plans have been leaked.

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Recently, Respawn Entertainment rolled out an update for Titanfall 2 and GitHub user Syampuuh(via PlayStationLifeStyle) has data mined the update and found the Titanfall 2 DLC plans.

According to the report, five more game modes for Titanfall 2 are planned to be released, these game modes are Hunted, Raid, Double or Nothing, Marked For Death and Co-Op Bounty Hunt. Furthermore, Titanfall 2 DLC plans include new weapons, relics, maps and more.

Gamemode: Hunted

  • “Secure the Asset. Escape the Hunter.”
  • 4 on 4, 1 flag CTF?
  • 1 team defending, another attacking
  • Various objectives serving as “the asset”, with black box to be extracted
  • Prowlers and Shield Captain enemies returning from SP to help defense
  • Includes weapon lockers for resupply
  • No Titans, no Boosts

Gamemode: RAID

  • “Plant a bomb at the enemy hardpoint. Protect yours from the same.”
  • Titanfall: Global Offensive

Gamemode: Double or Nothing

  • “Kill both members of the enemy team.”
  • 2 on 2 elimination
  • Includes a unique bleedout mechanic to allow teammates to revive one another.

Gamemode: Co-op Bounty Hunt

  • “Kill all enemy waves.”
  • Frontier Defense without a defense objective?
  • Seems like it’ll be about as harsh with enemy waves, includes resupply lockers and deployable unlocks; maybe the Engineer class equipment will finally get used?
  • Confusingly, there is data such as “money earned for a player Pilot/Titan Kill”

Gamemode: Marked for Death

  • “Kill the marked Pilot.”
  • Titanfall 1 returnee
  • Has been sitting alongside the older mode notes for a while as a leftover from R1, but some new mode objective and score event text was added with this patch, so I think we can safely surmise that it is planned to be rereleased in R2

Weapon: R-101x Carbine

  • “Factory issue scoped predecessor of the R-201 rifle.”
  • Exact same performance as R-201 but with the Titanfall 1 model (probably)
  • Comes with an AOG in place of iron sights
  • Entertainingly, is missing the dismemberment tag that the R-201 just had added, hopefully that’s fixed before the weapon is pushed to release

Map: Relic

  • “Parts salvaged from this old IMC shipwreck are sent into the valley below for further processing.”
  • Titanfall 1 returnee

Map: Colony

  • “IMC and Militia forces clash in the close-quarters of an uncharted rural colony.”
  • Titanfall 1 returnee

Map: Township
Map: Traffic
Map: UMA
Map: Deck
Execution: Curb Check

  • “Curb check with style using your grapple.”
  • Grapple rope execution, confirming the tactical-inspired execution agenda
  • Seems to involve head stabbing??

Feature: Communication

  • Some recent commented out code suggests that there is a communication wheel and unlockable emotes coming soon, or at least in development

Tactical: Super Phase Shift

  • I have no idea. Probably a dev tool, but seems to just be Phase Shift with a duration of 999999

Prime Titan: Northstar

  • Execution will involve probably Flight Core, using dummy versions of the Tone’s tracker rockets

Prime Titan: Legion

Titanfall 2 is a first-person action shooter developed by Respawn Entertainment for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.