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Intel Bringing Mainstream 12 Core/ 24 Thread Skylake-X CPU To Compete With Ryzen?

The AMD Ryzen launch is only days away and I know you are as excited about the launch as I am. Remember when Intel CEO said that AMD Ryzen would not be an issue and Kaby Lake would be able to compete with the upcoming line of AMD CPUs?

It seems that Intel underestimated the competition and that the company is now looking to a Skylake-X CPU to save the day.

AMD Ryzen Breaking Intel’s Core Count Advantage

Skylake-X CPU

We have seen a couple of AMD Ryzen demos as well as leaked benchmarks and performance comparisons and what we have learned from them is the fact that with AMD Ryzen, you are paying less for more performance and that is what you call good value for money.

Intel, on the other hand, has had the superior architecture as well as the superior performance per core for some time now and I think that the company thought that whatever AMD was bringing to the table would not be worth competing against. But surely Intel was wrong.

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Skylake-X CPU

But then again, if that was the case we would be seeing major price cuts and game bundles coming out by now and that has not happened yet. Some retailers have started cutting prices but these price cuts are not official from Intel.

Other things that Intel has done over the course of these previous weeks is introduce hyperthreading in the Pentium series, something which has never been seen before and introduced an unlocked i3 CPU, which I have never seen before either.

Commercial Skylake-X CPU Might Come Out In The Near Future

AMD seems to have the upper hand now when it comes to price point and core count but rumor has it that Intel is working on a commercial Skylake-X CPU in order to battle Ryzen, which should be interesting provided that this CPU does get released.

This Skylake-X CPU will feature  12 cores and 24 threads which would be overkill for gaming to say the very least but something that content creators might be interested in looking into. We know that the X series from Intel is an enthusiast line and that these processors are extremely expensive.

In order to make this work and introduce this to the average consumer Intel will have to cut corners. This means that Intel will be going for lower margins and that might now be a good thing at the end of the day. As of right now, I think Intel is waiting for the Ryzen CPUs to release so that the company can counter the threat accordingly.

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Skylake-X CPU

AMD Ryzen CPUs Could Easily Counter 12 Core/ 24 Thread Skylake-X CPU

One of the major things that we learned about the Zen architecture is that it is scalable and that AMD already has a multi-generational plan for the architecture. This means that not only AMD Ryzen but the AM4 platform as well will be relevant for the years to come. At list till 2020, which is my rough estimate.

The problem with Intel releasing a 12 Core/ 24 Thread Skylake-X CPU is that AMD could easily do the same. I mean Zen is scalable so AMD could just copy what Intel will offer in the future.

Let us know what you think about this 12 Core/ 24 Thread Skylake-X CPU rumor that has spread across the internet and whether or not you think Intel will actually put such a thing in production for the average consumer.