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Razer Sponsorship Scams Target Gullible Twitch Streamers

Twitch streamers need to be wary of a group of scammers that is reportedly sending out fake emails with the promise of fraudulent Razer sponsorship deals.

Forbes managed to get hold of one such email which helps us to point out several red flags that users must be aware of.

Firstly, the sender is “” which is impossible because the peripherals manufacturer will never contact anyone through a third-party address. The email is not legitimate unless it is from “”.

Secondly, the email references the company as “Razerzone Ltd.” which is not true since Razer conducts business under the Razer Inc. tag. In addition, it goes without saying that an email that spells it as “razor” is an obvious fake.

Moving on, the email claims that the user was selected by official “scout agents” for a lucrative Razer sponsorship deal. However, it fails to mention the company’s official esports platform by name. Razer doesn’t simply throw sponsorship deals around, it inducts players into its very own, Team Razer.

Furthermore, the email is from a Daniel Werth, who is supposedly employed by Razer’s “Social and Managing Marketing” department. A simple Google search reveals that the person doesn’t exist, and the company has no such department.

The fraudulent email ends with a big green “Razer Application Form” button. Going past the fact that the color green here is not the signature tone used by Razer, one would expect a company to simply attach the form at the end.

The button probably leads to an external website that asks for confidential information, or instructs the user to download an application. Both cases scream malware and phishing scams.

Earlier today, Razer offered an official statement regarding the fake Razer sponsorship deals:

Razer’s brand and fan base are being used to spread malicious software and we want to ensure that anyone who receives this email is aware of the danger. Razer does not send out sponsorship deals via email. Interested streamers are encouraged to sign up at Razer’s bona fide site,