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Nintendo Switch Now Has 25% Extra GPU Power For Developers, Better Quality Games That Run Smooth

Only a few days remain till the launch of the Nintendo Switch and we are still trying to figure out the exact details that are left out by Nintendo. Other sites are also looking into the Nintendo Switch specs and it seems that the Nintendo Switch will be granted extra power in handheld mode.

Developer documents that have leaked indicate that the GPU will be able to perform 25% better in handheld mode but this is not something for the average consumer. It is for developers that will be making games for the Nintendo Switch.

Allocating resources for developers is very important and this is not something unheard of as the same has been seen with the PS4 and Xbox One. Additional GPU power for developers means better, quality games that will be coming out in the future. Information regarding the added extra power can be seen in the image below.

Nintendo Switch

Previously the GPU frequency that developers could use was 307.2 MHz but this has now been increased to 384 MHz which will be much appreciated as this will help out with the work developers put into designing games for the platform.

Other than that we also see a change in bandwidth. Prior information was that developers could choose between 1600MHz or 1331.2MHz in docked mode but that no longer seems to be the case and developers will not be limited to 1600 MHz only.

Nintendo Switch

There is much that we still need to know about the Nintendo Switch. If you are still deciding whether or not you will be buying the Switch when the console comes out then check out our list of the best Nintendo Switch launch titles.

If you do want to get your hands on the Switch then you should pre-order fast as things will get out of hand later on and you could be kept waiting for days if not weeks.