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Nier Automata Analysis Reveals Frame Drops And Pacing Issues

The highly anticipated Digital Foundry Nier Automata analysis is finally here as the folks over at DF test the final build of the game.

According to the Digital Foundry Nier Automata tech analysis, while both the PS4 and PS4 Pro version of the game run pretty solid for the most part and Platinum has targeted 60 frames per second on both consoles, the end result isn’t 100% rosy.

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To start off, the PS4 Pro which is considered as a 4K capable console actually runs Nier Automata at 1080p resolution while the base PS4 runs the game at 900p.

For the most part of the Digital Foundry analysis, even the PS4 version of the game holds out at a solid 60 fps but in sequences where there is a lot of action going on or there is some side platforming involved, the frames actually drop to low 40s.

One would think that given the high power available to PS4 Pro, such frame drops wouldn’t be an issue for it on 1080p but even the high-end console from Sony also suffers in a few places although such instances are few.

The PS4 Pro version however does suffer from frame pacing issues in some areas with spikes up to 180ms. Combined with the lack of any anti-aliasing on the base PS4, Nier Automata might not be as fun of an experience on the base model as many had hoped, at least not yet.

With the negative issues aside, the Digital Foundry Nier Automata analysis did mention how great the game looks and the way the gameplay performs, seamlessly transitioning between various camera angles to combine gameplay elements.

Bringing its signature hack and slash RPG style of gameplay, Platinum Games did ensure that the combat animations are fluid and there is little to no input lag on both versions of the game.

To further add to this, Platinum has also added in another controversial feature to the game, allowing players to purchase trophies instead of earning them.

Nier Automata is officially set to release on PS4 on 7th March. The PC version is rumored to launch on 10th March and will hopefully not have these similar issues.