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IEM Katowice League of Legends Concludes After Turbulent Weekend

Intel Extreme Masters (IEM) is no stranger to persistent technical issues. Troubles once again brewed for its League of Legends championship, held in Poland over the weekend, marring the viewer’s experience and forcing players to compete in less than ideal circumstances.

The semifinal match between G2 Esports and ROX Tigers was a bumpy road, and had to be delayed for hours. A single game in the set was concluded after four hours while the entire series spanned across seven.

Taking to Twitter, G2 Esports founder Carlos “Ocelote” Rodriguez explained that some of his players were experiencing system problems. Ki “Expect” Dae-han, in particular, was facing an annoying lag that would freeze his game every few minutes.

Despite presenting various solutions, the issue could not be rectified. According to Michal “Carmac” Blicharz, creator and head of IEM, the network was re-wired, the systems swapped, hard drives and peripherals replaced, even the League of Legends tournament accounts changed.

However, the “jitter” could not be removed from the systems. In the end, the League of Legends roster of G2 decided to continue regardless, a tough decision to make when there is a huge prize money at stake.

Determined to not be hindered by the technical issues, the European side eliminated the South Koreans to go against Flash Wolves in the finals. Unfortunately, the IEM journey ended for G2 there.

Flash Wolves is a dominant name in the LMS for several years now. However, it has rarely stepped up on an international platform. The Taiwanese chose the weekend to change that perception. In the finals, it secured back-to-back games to win the IEM Katowice League of Legends championship 2-0 over Europe’s best.

As for the tournament organizer, IEM apologized for the extensive delay and technical issues, promising to improve for its next iteration. As such, the events were fairly similar for the recent IEM Oakland and Gyeonggi tournaments which were also plagued by persistent pauses.