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Twitch Adds Another Useful Feature for Streamers

Twitch intends to remain as the largest and most popular streaming platform in the world by giving its users handy features to make their stay enjoyable.

Starting today, everyone has the option to change their usernames through their respective profile settings. On the surface, the feature might sound underwhelming. However, it has remained as one of the highly requested features since Twitch began operations.

According to the announcement, a username can be changed once every two months. In addition, every discarded username will remain unavailable for at least six months, after which a complete reset will make them available once again.

Other highlighted rules state that usernames of inactive accounts cannot be requested by streamers. The only way for someone to free a username is if the account in question remains inactive for a year, is violating specific registered trademarks, or is involved in active impersonation. In the end, all new usernames must still adhere to follow the terms of service noted by Twitch.

However, it should be noted that changing a username carries potential consequences that everyone should be aware of. This includes losing access to steaming statistics, which are of significance for full-time streamers or organizations.

“To preserve your streamer stats, you must export them prior to changing your username,” explained Twitch. “It should also be noted that the URL for your channel page will change and the old one will not redirect to your new one, so be sure to update the link wherever you are using it externally.”

The world of esports is extremely volatile, and there is a regular recycling of organizations and sponsors. For streamers with usernames depicting older teams or brands that they are no longer associated with, the new name changing feature comes as a blessing. This gives channels the freedom to explore their options for better representation.

Furthermore, there are quite a few users who began with simply terrible names. Having garnered a significant audience over time, it is now when they use the new feature to begin a new journey.

Earlier this month, the popular broadcasting platform announced the addition of Twitch Communities as a way of connecting streamers with their relative audience. Groups can be created by anyone, with each centering on a specific topic or activity, and can be joined by any number of active streamers.