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Overwatch PTR Shows Numbani in Chaos, Thanks to Doomfist

Two major events have taken place in the Overwatch universe, paving way to the final official reveal of the next Overwatch hero from Blizzard.

A couple of days back, an attack by an “unidentified assailant” left the Numbani International Airport in ruins. Thankfully there were no civilian casualties reported, but nothing could stop the growing unrest over statements passed by eyewitnesses of the “thing” that caused so much damage.

Earlier today, the Numbani payload map was updated on the Public Test Region (PTR) to reflect the news. Players who ventured past the red tape saw for themselves the chaos that currently covers the entire airport. The world’s OR15 defense bots are completely destroyed, with pieces scattered about and some even embedded into the walls.

Doomfist’s gauntlet, which was once present on the payload map for everyone to see, is missing. There is a strong likelihood that the gauntlet was used in the recent attack. No other theory would explain the giant craters in the walls as if someone with extreme power punched right through.

Last week, the game’s lore was updated to feature Efi Oladele, an 11-year-old robotics expert from Numbani who was present at the airport on the day of the attack. Fan-crated theories have already begun linking her, in some way, to Doomfist or a robotic creation that has gone rogue.

Earlier this month, game director Jeff Kaplan said that the next Overwatch hero is not who the community thinks it is. Rumors around Doomfist have been swimming on the web for several months. Despite what Blizzard says, the most recent events in the Overwatch universe only point towards Doomfist, or at least his gauntlet.

In December, a movement began to have Terry Crews voice Doomfist. Speculations were raised when the Hollywood actor was spotted at Blizzard for unknown reasons. We will soon know what the developer is cooking behind closed doors.