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NieR Automata Patch 1.02 Renames The Controversial Item Allegedly Referencing To Nintendo 64

NieR Automata just launched in Japan and faced quite a bit backlash from the community due to an in-game item that had a similar name to that of Nintendo 64.

The junk item just takes up space in the inventory and does nothing, however, the reason the devs were criticized because of its name which was, NIN64. Apparently, a lot of gamers thought that it is referencing to Nintendo’s N64 console and they did not like that it was being referred as junk.

While it is unknown if the developers named the item for the reason mentioned above, but to avoid any further backlash Platinum Games has removed all the references that could be construed as being towards Nintendo with patch 1.02 and the item is now named “Broken Firearm”.

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NieR Automata is a PC and PS4 exclusive and while developers have said that they have not ruled out the possibility of Xbox One version, they have explained why it is not coming to the console in the first place. According to producer Yosuke Saito, the main reason for not releasing NieR Automata for Xbox One is that the market for the console in Japan is not very strong.

Also, NieR creator Yoko Taro has hinted towards the possibility of NieR remaster but only if NieR automata sells like hotcake.

NieR Automata is an action RPG developed by Platinum Games and is scheduled to launch on March 7 in North America and March 10 in Europe exclusively for PC and PlayStation 4.