New Overwatch Hero Gets New Hint With Twitter Post

For the past week, Blizzard has been dropping various hints that a new Overwatch hero would be coming to the game, releasing various bits of small background information related to the hero that all point to us soon getting another Omnic hero, possibly related to the Overwatch background character Doomfist.

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On Tuesday, Blizzard released a small article talking about the young genius roboticist Efi Oladele, who lives in the city of Numbani.

Numbani is touted in the game as a paradise where humans and Omnics live in harmony, but right now that appears to be under threat with a Twitter post that was placed on the official Overwatch Twitter account earlier today.

While we haven’t seen the person it focuses on, whoever the new Overwatch hero might be made quite the impression, destroying a number of security robots in Numbani’s airport. Though no civilians were apparently injured in the attack, the fact that one of the robots is now embedded in a gigantic crater in the wall might point towards something related to Doomfist’s gauntlet, which is currently being held in a Numbani museum.

There’s hints that the new hero is likely a robot, mainly when in Tuesday’s post Oladele said that her dream was to build a robot that could keep people safe. If this is true, whatever she built may have gone nuts, and we may see exactly why very soon.

It’ll likely be a few more days or weeks before Blizzard actually unveils the new hero, but until then, we’ll just have to wait and see what Blizzard has planned for the new Overwatch hero when we finally get to see what exactly is happening in Numbani.

Hopefully Blizzard will actually hurry up and reveal what they have planned, but whether we get an animated short to announce the hero’s identity or even just an announcement post remains to be seen.