Mass Effect Andromeda Has Finally Gone Gold, On Track For Release

BioWare has now officially announced that Mass Effect Andromeda has gone gold, meaning that the game is fully finished and will be released on time.

The announcement was officially made on BioWare’s Twitter only around an hour ago. This means that the game, despite delays, will be releasing on its announced date.

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Mass Effect Andromeda has been one of the most-anticipated games for several years now, with reactions about it ranging from great amounts of hype, to cautious optimism (considering the divisiveness of the endings to the original trilogy), to frustration when the game was first announced (mainly because any “trailer” that came out at a convention was mainly a glorified dev diary before the last few months), but now that it’s gone gold, hopefully the hype will increase.

The timing for the golden announcement has also come with a new Andromeda Initiative video, showing off the various weapons that the Ryder you play and the rest of their Pathfinder team can use.

All the same, with Mass Effect Andromeda coming out in March, they’re going to have a good amount of stuff competition; not only will Mass Effect be coming out, but Nier Automata is also being released in the West and the Nintendo Switch will also be coming out.

Hopefully, considering the whole new galaxy to explore and all the new alien characters to meet (ranging from familiar Milky Way species like krogans, turians, and asari, to new Andromeda species such as your squadmate Jaal), Mass Effect Andromeda will be able to leave the Milky Way behind properly and get us all introduced to a new galaxy with a whole bunch of cool new stuff to see.

Mass Effect Andromeda comes out on the Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC on March 21 in North America, and on March 23 in Europe.