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Ubisoft Banning For Honor Players On First Offense, 400 Already Banned So Far

Ubisoft is not handing out light punishments to cheaters in For Honor, as players are being banned on their first offense and 400 players have already been hit by the ban wave.

Ubisoft has implemented the EasyAntiCheat program for For Honor which detects and flag the players who are cheating, hacking or even those players who are being offensive to other players. According to Ubisoft:

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After being flagged by EasyAntiCheat, suspect accounts are reviewed by the dev team, which then hands out warnings, temporary suspensions, or permanent bans against identified players. These bans are applied on an account level, not at the hardware level. Fairness is hugely important to the game’s creators, so bans are being handed out to first-time offenders. Players who believe they’ve been erroneously penalized can also appeal their bans.

According to Ubisoft, fewer than 400 players have already been banned for cheating and an additional 70 players have been banned offensive conduct.

For Honor is an action Hack and Slash fighting game developed by Ubisoft Montreal for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.