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AMD B350 Motherboards Do Not Feature SLI Support? Get X370 Motherboards For Nvidia Multi-GPU Configuration

AMD Ryzen is available for pre-order as of right now and we also talked about how the announced processors have already made their way to the best selling list on Amazon.

It also seems that the AMD Ryzen CPUs are sold out at most of the retailers. The hype seems to be translating very well in terms of initial sales. New reports claim that AMD B350 motherboards will not feature SLI support.

AMD B350 Motherboards May Not Feature SLI Support

Although it was confirmed that AMD motherboards would feature support for Nvidia GPUs it was never specified what kind of configuration would be supported and whether or not the entire range of motherboards will get full support.

New reports claim that although you will be able to run a single Nvidia GPU on the AMD AM4 motherboards you will not be able to run Nvidia GPUS in SLI when it comes to the AMD B350 motherboards and you will need to get the high-end X370 motherboards if you want multi-GPU support for Nvidia cards.

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AMD B350 Motherboards

AMD AM4 Motherboards DDR4 RAM Limitations

It seems that there is more bad news. The lack of Nvidia SLI support is not the only thing that is disappointing. It seems that there are RAM restrictions as well when it comes to the AMD AM4 platform. According to an Asus representative:

“I’ve decided to provide some recommendations on DDR4 limitations concerning AM4 currently.

As it stands the AMD code has restricted RAM tuning options which means many RAM kits at launch will not be compatible. This is the same for our competitors also.

What we recommend is the following:

If fully populating a system with 4 DIMMs (2DPC), use memory up to a max of 2400MHz.
If using 1DPC (2 DIMMs) ensure they are installed in A2/B2 and use memory up to max of 3200MHz.

The indication I have received from HQ is that AMD has focused all their efforts on CPU performance so far and will release updated code in 1~2 months when we expect improved DDR4 compatibility and performance.”

It will be interesting to see how people react to this new development. If you are going to be housing dual Nvidia GPUs in your system and are planning a Ryzen build then keep in mind then you will need to spend extra money on an X370 motherboard.