Overwatch League Will Bring New Esports-Related Features, Replays Teased

Details for the highly anticipated Overwatch League have begun to arrive, almost four months after its initial announcement.

According to Nate Nanzer, head of esports at Blizzard, “great content” will be key to the establishment of a platform that can sustain the Overwatch League.

In its present form, the game is missing several features that are of extreme importance when it comes to an enjoyable experience for the audience. Hence, Overwatch must first be changed from within before others can get involved.

“This is why when the Overwatch League starts, we will add systems that will support viewing esports matches, checking player’s profile or viewing additional video content,” he revealed (translation via Reddit).

Nanzer pointed out that the Overwatch League is not simply a marketing ploy but an opportunity to improve the game in various ways.

It should be noted that Blizzard has opted to put the Overwatch development team in charge of the game’s esports aspect. This in turn means that several features still in the workshop will be released either with the start of the Overwatch League or soon afterwards.

In a way, Overwatch may receive more significant system changes due to its league than it has received so far.

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A replay system and the ability to save highlights are two of the most requested features by the Overwatch community. Last August, Blizzard confirmed that the Overwatch highlight saving feature is a step towards the replay system. Hence, the ability to save the “Play of the Game” will arrive before the ability to record an entire match.

There is a strong likelihood that we will eventually see both features be released in time for the league. A native recording functionality is staple to a grand competitive event and will prove immensely useful for the professional players on and off-stage.

Elsewhere, it was confirmed that Overwatch League will not feature any drafting system for players. This is to ensure stability and prevent existing teams from being torn apart, and an important aspect of the ecosystem that Blizzard wants to create for Overwatch.

Overwatch League is scheduled to commence sometime after July. More information will arrive in the coming days.