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Nintendo Switch Virtual Console Will Not Be Available On Day One

Despite the information that Nintendo has released about the Nintendo Switch Virtual Console, people that want to play some of Nintendo’s more vintage titles won’t be able to play them on day one of the console’s release. So far, there isn’t even a date that we can expect to see it added.

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The Virtual Console can be looked at as one of the biggest draws for a Nintendo console.

The Virtual Console allows gamers to play a huge variety of old Nintendo games, ranging from classics like Chrono Trigger, Advance Wars, and Fire Emblem to more recent Nintendo titles.

While Nintendo won’t be adding the Nintendo Switch Virtual Console on day one, however, there are at least going to be a good number of games available to play on day one.

In addition to announced titles like Arms and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Nintendo has announced that the F-Zero inspired indie game FAST RMX, and classic eight-bit sendback Shovel Knight are both also going to be available to play on day one.

In addition to Shovel Knight and FAST RMX, over sixty other independent titles are also going to be available on the Nintendo Switch’s eShop, which you can access after you download the day one patch. However, that can be downloaded in the background so you won’t have to wait to play Shovel Knight, Zelda, or any of the Switch’s other launch-day games.

While we can hopefully expect that the Nintendo Switch Virtual Console will release at some point soon after the console’s release, it’s still a disappointment that we’re not going to be able to play some of our old favorites the day that the console comes out. Hopefully games like Shovel Knight, Arms, 1-2-Switch, and Zelda will be able to hold our interest until then.