Horizon Zero Dawn Accolades Trailer

Horizon Zero Dawn Accolades trailer is released just a few days before the game’s official launch. The trailer highlights the fact that Horizon Zero Dawn has been praised by the masses.

Nearly every single critic, including yours truly, have fallen in love with Guerilla’s latest title.The brief Horizon Zero Dawn Accolades trailer shows one-liners from critics in an attempt to entice more players to buy the game.

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Horizon Zero Dawn is on the verge of release on PlayStation 4. You can pre-order a copy from PlayStation Store right now for $59.99. The game is also available at retail if you wish to grab the physical version.

In my review of the game, I mentioned:

Horizon Zero Dawn as of now is the best looking PlayStation 4 game. Its beauty is only enhanced to a new level if you are using the PlayStation 4 Pro. From the lush green forest to the snowy mountains, Zero Dawn’s graphics and art will often leave you in awe.

However you see Horizon Zero Dawn, it is a Masterpiece, a marvel of a video game that showcases the immense talent of the developers and delivers a compelling story with well-crafted gameplay mechanics in an immersive environment full of awe-inspiring moments.

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Are you planning to pick up Horizon Zero Dawn? What do you think of Guerilla’s attempt to do something other than Killzone? Share what you think in the comments below.