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Hideo Kojima Gives Out New Death Stranding Information, Talks About Game

It was one of the most talked-about events of 2016 when Hideo Kojima walked out on stage at the Playstation conference at E3 and declared “I’m back!”, following it up by revealing his new game Death Stranding. Now, he’s released some new Death Stranding information that tells us a bit more about the game.

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According to Kojima, Death Stranding is going to be an action game, which one could somewhat guess from the trailer that was shown at the 2016 Game Awards, where some sort of war appeared to be raging. In addition to being an action game, it’s also an open-world game; you can run around, get into a vehicle, fight a lot if you want.

All of this sounds similar to Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain so far, which was something of an open-world game.

In it, players could be inserted into one of the game’s mission areas and just do whatever they wanted, so we might be able to expect a similar system in Death Stranding.

Other Death Stranding information Kojima shared included that the game would include a new sort of multiplayer that would not be independent of the main campaign mode, and the mention of the game’s “Strands” (which we also saw in the TGA trailer) were also given some new meaning; apparently they can be used to take down stronger enemies.

Since we already saw Mads Mikkelsen’s character making use of Strands to control a group of undead soldiers, one can assume that Norman Reedus’s character Jack may have a similar ability that players might be able to use in-game.

While we likely won’t be getting more Death Stranding information for a while, at least until the game is closer to release, every little tidbit that people can squeeze out of Kojima to let us know more about the game is always appreciated.