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Here’s Why Tracer Was Chosen as the Logo for Overwatch League

Blizzard considered a lot of aspects when deciding a logo for its upcoming Overwatch League. Today, we come to know why Tracer took the developer’s vote.

According to Nate Nanzer, head of esports at Blizzard, the team was interested in finding a mascot for its Overwatch League. The logo could have been anything, but the developer’s goal was to create something that would read Overwatch without having to use any form of text.

For this sole purpose, Blizzard began looking into its roster of heroes. Tracer stood out as one of the most iconic ones of the lot.

“We’ve put in a lot of considerations for the logo,” he explained (translation via Reddit). “Tracer is one of hallmark characters in OW so we thought people would be able to tell it is an OW league without reading the text. This is why her post is very athletic, to give the feeling of sports.”

Last year, just before the game’s release, Blizzard took flak for the overly sexual nature of some of the characters in Overwatch. Many pointed out that there was no reason for Tracer to do an “over-the-shoulder” victory butt-pose. This was partially because she is one hero in the game who is not defined by faulting her sexuality.

In response, Blizzard shifted her victory pose so that players would look at her from the side. It didn’t quite solve the issue at hand since Tracer is still flaunting her butt in the new pose as well. However, it was enough to quell social media warriors.

Blizzard is currently busy preparing for the upcoming Overwatch League which is slated to commence in the third quarter. Details revealed so far have confirmed that the league will not feature a drafting system for players. This is to ensure stability and prevent existing teams from being torn apart.

In addition, several new features are being prepared to roll out for the game that are necessary for an enjoyable watching experience. There is also strong consideration to include in-game items, sales of which will be shared with the teams.