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Horizon Zero Dawn Apparently Has A Death Stranding Shoutout

According to a screenshot taken from the Italian version of the game that somehow got leaked onto the internet, Guerrilla Games’s Horizon Zero Dawn has a Death Stranding shoutout in it, mentioning a necklace decorated with six blocks of ionized metal. The Kojima Productions logo is also the necklace’s menu icon.

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Those that are familiar with the Death Stranding reveal trailer that was shown off at E3 2016 will remember the necklace that Norman Reedus was wearing, which showed six blocks of metal with what appeared to be equations written on them.

While Horizon likely doesn’t have anything of the sort of stuff that Death Stranding has as part of it’s plot, it’s a nice Easter egg.

However, despite the Death Stranding shoutout, the reference doesn’t really give any new information about the game.

Considering Death Stranding will likely be coming in the next few years, and so is still a good ways off, there’s no real reason any new information should be there, so the necklace is just that: a necklace used for a joke.

The item is classified as being very rare, too, so if you do manage to find it the only use it’ll have aside from giggles is to just be sold as vendor trash (and hopefully it’ll fetch a good price, considering its rarity.)

Horizon Zero Dawn is slated to come out on February 28 and March 1 in North America and Europe, respectively, on the Playstation 4 and Playstation 4 Pro.

If you’re one of the people that’s going to be buying it, then you can make it your mission to look around for the Death Stranding shoutout necklace if you like, though with it having a Very Rare status when it comes to rarity it may take a while for you to find it.

Otherwise, when the date rolls around next Wednesday, go see if you can find it.