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20 Best Resident Evil 7 Moments That Gave a New Meaning to WTF!

Resident Evil 7 is filled with moments that may soil your pants. The game gave not only gave a new meaning to survival horror but also to the term “WTF.”

There are totally insane moments in the game including shoving your hand up a corpse’s severed head. Resident Evil 7 will question your sanity throughout the game but what moments hit you the hardest? Well, here are 20 best Resident Evil 7 moments that will you got WTF!

Spoiler Alert

The craziness of The Baker Family their individual personalities elevate the elements of horror in the game. The mother is probably the most disgusting of them all, shooting insects out of her lady parts. We don’t know what’s scarier, Jack turning into a monstrosity or killer bugs shooting out of his wife’s vagina.

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Check out the video above and let us know of your favorite WTF moments from Resident Evil 7.

Resident Evil 7 is for everyone, all survival horror fans will like what Capcom has produced for us this time. Resident Evil 7 is connected with the previous game via minor details here and there but most of the time it feels like a standalone game, which makes it fresh and exciting.

The game comes with a new set of characters but does see the return of Chris Redfield for a brief period of time. The DLC, however, will give us more time with Redfield and we will find out if he is the same Chris from previous games. The character model is so different that it is impossible to recognize him.

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Resident Evil 7 is now available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.