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Sony Has Sold More Than 4.4 million PlayStation 4 Units in Japan

3 years ago, on February 22, 2014, PlayStation 4 met Japan. Sony’s console didn’t have an encouraging start as its sales were below expectations because of the inadequate catalog of games available, but this is the past. Only last week Sony has sold 21,204 units of PS4 and 5999 of PS4 Pro (185,881 units since its launch) and, according to Media Create, more than 4.4 million PlayStation 4 units have been sold overall in Japan.

It’s a very positive number, showing how much things can change.

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However, Nova Starke has announced a limited edition PS4 Slim Retro version for those who are seeking that nostalgic look. Themed after the original PlayStation released in 1994, this console features the classic grey-white color scheme, and it’s available for $700.

Nova Starke’s limited edition PS4 Slim retro is the perfect mix of modern gaming with the soul of the old. Packaging the monster of 1 TB Playstation 4 Slim with a crafty paint job, the brand has brought back memories and soul of the 1994 Playstation, the first model in the Playstation gaming consoles.

Also, PlayStation 4 sales have crossed 57 million, according to the latest financial numbers released by Sony. According to them, even though sales were down by 7% year-over-year, this console has managed to sell 57.1 million units worldwide.

PlayStation 4 will receive soon update 4.50 (aka Sasuke), that adds support for external drives. Even though people have reported some issues, this update is generally very helpful as you won’t need to delete your content anymore.

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