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Nintendo Switch Buyer’s Guide

Nintendo Switch is on the verge of release, we are just a few days away from Nintendo’s next gaming platform. The company has rightly priced the handheld/ console at $299. However, its accessories are criminally overpriced.

Nintendo Switch Buyer’s Guide features everything you need to know about Nintendo Switch and where to buy the handheld along with its accessories.

Nintendo Switch Buyer’s Guide – Console/Handheld

The Nintendo Switch is now available to pre-order at retailers across the globe. GameStop, Best Buy, Wal-Mart, GAME for $299 and 299 Euros in the UK.

Nintendo is offering two bundles for launch and one always expects to get a bang for his buck when buying a bundle. However, there is no different between the two versions other than colors of the joy-con controller. Both versions of Nintendo Switch have a 32GB of internal space which can be increased via an SD Card.

Where to Buy

Nintendo Switch Buyer’s Guide – Accessories

Accessories are a major part of Nintendo’s monetization plan. The company has forced the consumer’s hand to buy these overly priced products. Some of them are absolutely necessary which means you will end up spending way over $299 on Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo Switch Pro Controller – $69.99

Nintendo Switch Pro Controller is what will replace your Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons and Joy-Con. Not all will use Switch as a handheld machine and in docked you joy-cons just won’t work that well. For coach gameplay, you will need a Pro Controller with Nintendo Switch which is sold separately.

The Nintendo Switch Pro Controllers come with pretty much the same features as the joy-cons – motion controls, HD Rumble and NFC features for communicating with Amiibo that the Joy-Cons do.

Where to Buy

The Joy-Con Controller Set and Single Controller – $79.99/$49.99

The joy-con controller set is available in red and blue pairs. Meanwhile, the single controllers are available in red, blue, and gray. These are required for multiplayer or if you lose one or the other.

The pair is available for $79.99 while singles are available for $49.99.

Where to Buy

Joy-Con Charging Grip – $29.99

Nintendo Switch Pro controller needs to be charged and while you are playing in the docked mode you can not use the handheld to charge it for you. It is a minor design flaw that you can not charge while playing but the this has allowed Nintendo to sell another piece of accessory, the Joy-Con charging grip.

Where to Buy

Nintendo Switch Dock Set – $89.99

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One of the primary aspects of the Nintendo Switch is the dock set and in case you need a replacement, retailers have it in stock. The dock set is available for $89.99 and includes the dock, power cable, and an HDMI.

Where to Buy
Visit your nearest retailer.

Joy-Con Wheelset – $14.99

This is an optional accessory and there is no need to grab one if you do not wish to buy Super Mario 8 Deluxe or similar games in the future. The Joy-Con Wheel also come in red and blue for $14.99 each.

Where to Buy

Nintendo Switch is releasing on March 3.