This NieR Automata Trophy Unlocks For Being Naughty

The launch of NieR Automata is just around the corner and fans are eager to get their hands on the game. We all know that completing a specific tasks unlock trophies in games and NieR automata is no different but there in one NieR Automata trophy that unlocks if you behave inappropriately.

The trophy in question is “What Are You Doing?”, which is something you should be asking yourself after unlocking it. This NieR Automata trophy unlocks if you adjust the camera to take a peak at Android 2B’s undergarments.

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NieR Automata is a PC and PlayStation 4 exclusive and Platinum Games has explained why the game is not releasing for Xbox One. According to producer Yosuke Saito, the main reason for not releasing NieR Automata for Xbox One is that the market for the console in Japan is not very strong.

There are currently no plans to release on this platform. The main reason for this is that the Japanese market for Xbox One is not strong, so the decision was made to focus on PlayStation 4 rather than to split our efforts across two platforms. The biggest benefit to developing on one platform is that we did not have to split our time, allowing us to focus more on the quality. It is not about whether one platform is better than the other, it’s that from a development point of view were can devote more time to one platform.

NieR Automata is an action RPG is development at Platinum Games and is scheduled to launch on February 23, 2017, for PC and PlayStation 4.