New Mass Effect Andromeda Video Focuses On Squad, Profiles, and Favorites

Bioware has posted the second Mass Effect Andromeda video in the gameplay series videos which focuses on the squad and more.

In this Mass Effect Andromeda video gameplay series Bioware gives us an overview of character customization, skill progression, commanding your squad and more.

In the previous video, Bioware showcased the combat in Mass Effect Andromeda and focused on weapons, skills, and classes so you can have a deeper approach to fighting thanks to large areas and a new class system.

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The excitement for the game among the fans is increasing with every passing day and since the launch is getting closer many are wondering about the PC system requirements for the game. According to the lead designer on the game, Mass Effect Andromeda PC system requirements will be revealed within next two weeks.

Mass Effect Andromeda is an action-adventure RPG in development at Bioware and is scheduled to launch on March 21, 2017, for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.