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Multiple Final Fantasy World Records Awarded By Guinness

The Guinness Book of World Records has awarded multiple Final Fantasy world records to Square Enix’s flagship series. With its latest game, Final Fantasy 15, having been released back in November of last year to positive reviews, Final Fantasy and Square Enix have a great variety of different game types to choose from.

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Square Enix says that the Guinness Book of World Records awarded the series three different records at the Final Fantasy 14 Fan Festival, which was held in Frankfurt, Germany, over the past weekend. The three Final Fantasy world records were “Most Prolific Role-Playing Game Series,” “Longest End Credits in an MMO Game,” and “Most Original Pieces of Music In A Video Game.”

All three of the awards were well-deserved. As of 2015, 87 different RPG titles were a part of the Final Fantasy brand, ranging from the mainline Final Fantasy games, to their sequels and spin-offs, to tactics-RPG games like Final Fantasy tactics, and even to fighting games such as the Dissidia games.

When it came to the longest-running end credits, the end credits of Final Fantasy 14: A Realm Reborn, apparently the various credits stretched for an hour and thirty-eight minutes (long enough for you to turn on the credits, leave them running, and go watch a movie and likely be back before they finish).

And when it comes to the original compositions, Final Fantasy 14 once again claimed the reward by getting 384 different musical pieces (280 from the main game and 104 from the Heavensward expansion).

All of these achievements are the product of multiple years of work by Square Enix, and it’s nice to see that their efforts are now being rewarded with three Final Fantasy world records. Currently Final Fantasy 14: A Realm Reborn is available on PC and Playstation 4, and has a new expansion, Stormblood, coming in June to both platforms.