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Microsoft Wants to Bring AAA PC Games to Xbox One

Microsoft made a move by bringing Xbox One and PC under the same umbrella with Windows 10. However, Microsoft didn’t anticipate the backlash it would have to face after giving up Xbox exclusives to Windows 10.

Gears of War, Forza went to PC and new IPs like ReCore and Sea of Thieves are releasing under Xbox Play Anywhere program. There is no true Xbox One exclusive which makes you wonder what exactly have Xbox fans gained from this merger of platforms?

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Universal Windows Platform did nothing for Xbox, fans were hoping to see AAA PC exclusives coming to Xbox One. Sadly, no development have been made in that department. The good news is that Microsoft is working on it, trying to bring AAA PC games to Xbox One.

UWP has been criticized on a number of occasions and it a very valid question, what did we gain as Xbox One users? Tim Sweeny recently came out and accused the platform. He bluntly said it is time for developers to fight Microsoft’s initiative. In a piece published by Epic Games Boss Tim Sweeney on to The Guardian, he wrote:

In my view, this is the most aggressive move Microsoft has ever made. [Microsoft] is effectively telling developers you can use these Windows features only if you submit to the control of our locked-down UWP ecosystem.They’re curtailing users’ freedom to install full-featured PC software, and subverting the rights of developers and publishers to maintain a direct relationship with their customers.

Do you think AAA PC games on Xbox One are the need of the hour? What can Microsoft do to bring more content for Xbox One users?