Mass Effect Andromeda Will Be Longer Compared To ME3

We have all spent hundreds of hours in Mass Effect games and it will be no different for Mass Effect Andromeda. Not only the game will take a lot of time to complete it but it will also be longer than Mass Effect 3.

Ian S. Frazier, the lead designer for Mass Effect Andromeda, has confirmed that the upcoming game will take more time to complete compared to Mass Effect 3.

The excitement for the game among the fans is increasing with every passing day and since the launch is getting closer many are wondering about the PC system requirements for the game. According to the lead designer on the game, Mass Effect Andromeda PC system requirements will be revealed within next two weeks.

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Back in 2016, there were some suggestions that Mass Effect Andromeda is an open-world game. However, producer Michael Gamble clarified that Mass Effect Andromeda is not an open-world game but an exploration based game.

I definitely wouldn’t call Andromeda an open-world game. We like to use the term ‘exploration-based game.’ You still have the concept of tight story deliverance and all the great things you come to expect with Mass Effect.

The layer on top of that is a layer of exploration. Sometimes that happens in open spaces, but not always. You can cruise around some of these planets in the Nomad, but it’s not the traditional sandbox-type game.

Mass Effect Andromeda is an action adventure game developed by Bioware and is scheduled to launch on March 21, 2017, for PC, Xbox One and PlayStaiton 4.