Hideo Kojima May Be Writing The Metal Gear Solid Film Script

For several years now, rumors have been floating around the internet of how a Metal Gear Solid film is in the works. Now, it seems like we’ve gotten a good bit of concrete information about it, such as Hideo Kojima apparently helping to write the movie’s script even though Konami fired him.

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The Metal Gear Solid movie is being directed by Jordan Vogt-Roberts, who is currently directing the upcoming King Kong reboot Kong: Skull Island. However, something else you might not have known about him is that he’s a huge Metal Gear fan, and so wants to give the movie the best treatment possible. With Hideo Kojima working on it, hopefully the movie will subvert the recent trend of bad/mediocre video game movies and be awesome.

Hideo Kojima didn’t become one of the most prolific developers of the last decade for nothing; the Metal Gear Solid games are widely seen as masterpieces (with the exception of 5, which likely would have been much better if Hideo Kojima hadn’t been fired and the development cut short in the middle of production), so Vogt-Roberts actually asking Kojima to come and help with the Metal Gear Solid film may be something that actually works out in his favor.

Even though Kojima is supposedly working on Death Stranding, it seems like he’s more than willing to take his time on it if he’s not only visiting a variety of other studios, but is also doing things like working on a licensed Metal Gear Solid film.

Of course, that does remain on exactly what the Metal Gear Solid movie is going to be about; while many people may not be familiar with the Metal Gear series (and Cold War spy stuff is always good for a movie even with the giant robots and weird super-powers and clones and whatnot), hopefully with Kojima on board it’ll be good.