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First Gameplay Footage of Ark Park Released Showing A Beautiful, Danger-free Dinosaur World

The first in-game footage of Ark Park has finally been released, showing the Ark Survival Evolved based dinosaur VR title from Snail Games in action.

Built as an educational tool instead of an actual game similar to Ark Survival Evolved, Ark Park puts players/viewers in a Jurrasic World type setting where they see dinosaurs up close and personal and explore the world through their VR headsets.

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Ark Park completely ditches all the dangers of Ark Survival Evolved and aims to give people a peaceful experience where they can see and interact with dinosaurs without having to worry about survival elements such as food, water or even the dangers of the island.

This first footage primarily focuses on the amazingly detailed ancient world that Snail Games is building.

Players are able to brush aside plains and foliage to better see their surroundings, feed the creatures in the world while exploring the map either on foot or in various types of vehicles. Players will also be able to interact with the environment such as picking up and throwing rocks around to see how dinosaurs react.

According to PCGamer, as development continues there will be other exploring options such as hunting for dinosaurs or crafting survival equipment but even then the Ark Park experience will not be as harsh as in Ark Survival Evolved.

Ark Park should not be confused with the VR playable experience of the original Ark Survival Evolved as the game is developed by a totally different and independent studio and all it does is borrow assets from the Studio Wildcard survival game.

Alongside singleplayer, Ark Park will also feature multiplayer for all the game modes and features available in the final release, which is later this year on Oculus Rift, PSVR and HTC Vive. There is no word on the pricing of the game yet.