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AMD Ryzen Master Overclocking Software Dissected, How It Gives You Full Control Of The High-End Chips

We recently talked about AMD Ryzen Master overclocking tool that was found on the internet and this got us thinking why AMD would be working on an overclocking tool when motherboard manufacturers have utility tools of their own? Here we have more details about the AMD Ryzen Master overclocking software.

AMD Ryzen Master allows users to take full control over their CPU. The following are the features that are going to be offered once the AMD Ryzen Master tool goes live:

  • Per Core Clock Adjustment For All Ryzen Chips
  • Enable / Disable / Set Core Count (0/2/4/6/8 as per needed)
  • Step Size: +25 ~ +50 MHz increments for Non-X and +100 ~ +200 MHz increments for X series chips (TBC)
  • CPU Voltage Adjustment
  • MEM VDDIO Voltage Adjustment
  • MEM VTT Voltage Adjustment (IMC)
  • VDDCR SOC (PCH Voltage Adjustment)
  • CAS Latency Adjustment
  • Row Precharge Delay (15 bus clock @ standard)
  • RAS Active Time (36 bus clock @ standard)
  • Read Row-Column Delay (15 bus clock @ standard)
  • Write Row-Column Delay (15 bus clock @ standard)

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The above-mentioned features are the tuning options that the software offers but there is more. You also get a fancy meter that shows you the frequency at which your CPU is running. The meter also predicts the speed at which the CPU will be operating at as well as the peak frequency.

The chip used to show off this tool was running at 3.9 GHz boost frequency and idling at 2.2 GHz. The temperature of the CPU ranges from 40-50C according to the increasing frequency.

The AMD Ryzen Master tool also allows you to save five custom profiles for easy overclocking. Intel’s Extreme Tuning Utility is what I think AMD will be competing against.

I think AMD Ryzen is a great competitor for Kaby Lake and AMD is taking the battle to all fronts with the introduction of this overclocking master tool.

Let us know what you think about the AMD Ryzen Master utility tool.