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Void Zyra Skin Teased for League of Legends

It appears that the growing popularity of Zyra in the current League of Legends meta has finally convinced Riot Games to give her new cosmetic options.

Earlier today, the game’s official social media accounts went into action to tease an upcoming skin. While the developer hasn’t quite mentioned the skin to be for Zyra, there are various hints in the image that point towards the thorny vines-lashing creature.

To begin with, the pose of the silhouette is fairly similar to that of Haunted Zyra. The tendrils stretching from the arms depict her vines. In addition, the egg-like object is probably the seeds that Zyra sows on the Rift. The accompanying caption of “Rise, my darlings” makes it all the more apparent that the champion is finally getting a new skin after almost three years.

Taking into account the purple color palette, Zyra is likely receiving a new Void skin. Void Bringer Illaoi was the last skin to release in that League of Legends category back in 2015. It was priced 1350 RP, similar to Void Fizz that was released back in 2014. On those grounds, it is possible that Void Zyra will also be priced the same.

Zyra released in 2012 for League of Legends, accompanied by Wildfire Zyra. She then received a new Haunted Zyra skin a year later during The Harrowing. Following that the only other skin to release for the champion was SKT T1 Zyra which, in a way, was Riot Games being forced to do so.

Details for the new skin should be making our way soon.