Team Liquid Begins Search for New League of Legends Mid Laner

The Spring Split of the North American League Championship Series (NA LCS) has not been friendly for Team Liquid. The League of Legends roster currently sits at the bottom of the pile in the official standings, managing so far to only secure two frail victories against eight mounting defeats.

A couple of hours ago, the management hosted a Facebook Live AMA to answer questions from fans and highlight how it plans to move forward from hereon. Steve “Liquid112” Arhancet, the team’s co-owner, confirmed that Team Liquid has decided to hold tryouts for new representation in the mid lane.

This naturally raises questions on the future of current mid-laner Greyson “Goldenglue” Gilmer who has been struggling to perform.

“We recognize that Goldenglue is underperforming on the roster. We understand the damage dealt in teamfights associated with that. We understand that the meta is very different than where our strengths lie as a team.” acknowledged Arhancet.

However, no clarification was provided as to whether Team Liquid plans to drop Goldenglue from its League of Legends lineup or if he will fall back to being a substitute on the bench.

According to data taken from lolesports, Goldenglue currently has a kill participation of just 60 percent alongside a 2.4 KDA ratio in the ongoing Spring Split. It should be noted that the rest of his team members have similar disappointing statistics but the management has narrowed down its struggles to just Goldenglue.

Team Liquid believes that a more consistent performer in the mid lane will naturally help other lanes do better. In the coming weeks, during the break created from IEM Katowice, the team will be experimenting with “ideal configurations” which, at the end of the day, may or may not work.

“We’re doing the very best we can with the narrow options… Here’s the thing, at the end of this, at the end of this testing week, we may decide that maybe all of these options suck.” noted Arhancet.